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Frostbite 2 Mod Tools?


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Some cat named kiwidog seems smarter that DICE thought possible. Not sure where the mod tools came from, but somethings up. Perhaps the same guy Maydax posted on last week that made mod tools for bc2? dunno. ANyway, if you like night maps, you'll like this!




From PCgamer:



The mod will be running on private, punkbuster-free servers for now, but the night time mod demonstrates that it’s possible to monkey around with Frostbite 2. Months before Battlefield 3 came out, DICE exec Patrick Söderlund poured cold slime over the possibility of mod tools. “If you look at the Frostbite engine, and how complex it is, it’s going to be very difficult for people to mod the game,” he said.




Another vid, (wont embed - mod fix pls)




full story here:


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Kiwidog has developed what appears to be a modified FXAA injector that strips out the global lighting source from Battlefield 3 maps. This means that none of the surfaces are picking up the daylight and, unless illuminated by your flashlight or some other light in the scene, appear pitch black.




Everyone would need to use that modded FXAA to see the "night" version. Technically the same could be done with any game depending on how it does lighting.


Reminds me of DirectX and OpenGL hacks for older games that removed the sky and other things.


Planetside 2 has day and night which really makes things more dynamic and not the same old map every time you play it. It slowly cycles while you play.




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It looks nice and I would appreciate both dynamic weather and lighting on all maps to get as much variation as possible, no matter if they are created by DICE or someone in the community. But apparently DICE and EA are not very comfortable opening this box for everyone to alter and access the game engine code. We already have a cleare picture what some people can do without access to those game core resources but by only using DirectX and OpenGL and their twisted brains.


There is some kind of map design contest going on now for BF3, I think it would be nice if some bright and serious individuals did contribute there pitch and maybe we will see a new type of dynamic maps in the furture.

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