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Cost To Build An iPhone


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The new iPhone 5 carries a bill of materials (BOM) of $199.00 for the low-end model with 16Gbytes of NAND flash memory, according to a preliminary virtual teardown conducted by the IHS iSuppli Teardown Analysis Service. When the $8.00 manufacturing cost is added in, the cost to produce the iPhone 5 rises to $207.00. For the 32Gbyte version of the iPhone 5, the BOM cost increases to $209.00, while 64Gbyte version is estimated at $230.00, as presented in the table below.


Talk about being ripped off! And people think they are getting a "deal" when they pay the full price of $400-$700 for their new iphones. Man, they need a reality check. :wacko1:


I am happy I still have my nextel that I got for free. :)

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R&D, suing, production, but isnt the largest singel post dividend to shareholders?


Well they didn't spend the cash on their new map app :P




When driving on Oakland freeway you better drive carefully, those "walls" on the road look really hard from the sky. :)

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