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LUA scripting


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Hi to all at PBBans. I used to be a streaming game admin here when I had Enemy Territory servers etc.... When Evenbalance / PunkBuster gave up on Enemy Territry after a long stint or protecting the gaming community we have, like others with ET server, been struggling with hackers or cheaters on our servers...


I have been looking into LUA scripting and the possiblity to make some kind of script that can detect basic cvar violations that were in the old PB logs from a server?? This would help us out a lot these days. We love this game and will probably never give up on it until the server providers stop providing them to the public so anything would be helpful.


Our current servers use 4 LUA scripts mainly for guid checks, fake players, userinfo check and the wsfix at the moment.... I'm hoping that this would be possible??


Any help would be muchly appreciated,



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So you can still use PBBans but it's not streaming to Evenbalance or PunkBuster? One of our servers run's on the old 2.55 version of Enemy Territory only because we get a lot more traffic from new isers still. Can we use 2.55 and PBBans or does the server have to be updated to 2.60 or 2.60b?


We tried a server in 2.60b and we had little to no traffic at all. Our clan and servers are based in Australia but we get traffic from around the world etc.... So we would love to keep our servers running on 2.55 if this is possible? We have the et2.55+ patch so players can connect 2ith all versions of et to our servers and it works really well.


So yeah if PBBans still supports this old game that so many people still love then I'm all for it and our servers will be streaming right away!!





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