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UAC - Universal Anti-cheat


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Hey everyone,


I'd like to ask what you guys all think about UAC3 clearly PB screenshots do nothing so I've been looking for other ways to catch hackers. At the moment admins of the clan I'm in are banning people based on battlelog player stats, these stats may be distorted due to the play style of the individual, which might lead to an unjust ban.


Please someone give me a silver bullet fix to catching hackers, these ass hats have been trashing great games for too long. :banhim:

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There's no such thing. However is your group streaming here? I've never even heard of UAC3.


PBSS are kinda the last ditch effort. While the return rate has greatly increased since the days of BC2, I think they are largely considered circumvented these days, but still worth taking considering you still see submissions every now and then added to the fact there are some 200+ bans in BF3 from PBSS alone. Which isn't much, but it's something.


We relie on PB detections, MD5 scans, and even still PBSS. What does UAC3 do, and who runs it stands to profit from it?

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All you need to know about UAC3 is available via a google search, which I am sure you have already done :)


Our expertise is third party streaming, and streaming via a top notch anti cheat site, using the provided MD5 scans and of course checking pbss on a regular basis, makes quite a difference in keeping servers as cheat free as is humanly possible.


PBBans has 297 pbss related bans on the PBBans ban list, so I would not say they were useless as such :P


Our regular forum members who have actually used the software may have some feedback for you re UAC3.

In the meantime why not take a peek at this;



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UAC3 is a software program that must be running in various official league matches, just like XAC and TZAC2, Crotan. As for the PBSS, not all are useless. :P Anti cheat programs are nothing compared to PBBans. Feel free to apply a team account here! You'll like the staff assistance if you ever ask a question about anything.

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