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Need PBBans Mod Help


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Is my account still active and authorized for Admin level to create and edit my own server(s)?


Reason I ask, I've been running several BF3 servers on/off over the last year. I recently shut down the last available, and we restarted a new one, new IP, new naming convention about 5 days later.


When I log in here, I still have access to my account, access to use the Automated setup tool, User Management, etc. But can't access the ticket system to open a support ticket, and can't seem to find where my new server submission is posted. Also can't seem to find where my new team member submission has been posted either.


Just want to make sure I didn't screw anything up by closing down my last server, going a few days without one, and creating a new one.


Thanks in advance.

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Your team account currently looks like this;

Team: Team Battlefield (TBF)
Account ID: 11703
Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 1)

Server List
BF3 -

User List
Scarab (166550)


The server has not been configured correctly for PBBans streaming.

Try using this on it;


Remember to use the rcon/query port during the setup phase.

Streaming will kick in instantly once you get it right.


Are you saying you can not access this section of the forum to raise a ticket ?


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Fozzer, you're the best man, I appreciate the quick response. I must be an idiot or I was doing something out of sequence. I used the Automated Hub setup again, and it's streaming now. Also, the ticket link is active, so if I need help, it works. Not sure why I got the page error before, probably gremlins in my system. Whatever the case, we're streaming on the new server now, and all I have left on my To Do list is activate my new Admin (BeastUmofo) after you guys do a review. I submitted his name this morning.


Thanks again.

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