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EA Makes Same Game Two Years In A Row


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Think Madden doesn't change enough year to year? Then you'll get a real kick out of FIFA 13 for the Nintendo Wii.


Released on September 27th for nearly every video game system available, the latest iteration of EA's soccer sim has already sold over 4 million copies. Wii owners, however, were miffed to find out that their version of the game is nearly identical to last year's model, FIFA 12.


How close are the two games? Close enough that Nintendo Gamer broke them down and found that, wow, yeah, it's pretty much the exact same thing.


Really all that's been updated are the player rosters, as the gameplay modes, graphics, menus, and even play-by-play chatter are unchanged from FIFA 12. But that didn't stop EA from slapping a 13 on the box and charging a full $50 for the game.


Needless to say, fans are a little upset.


And this is something new from EA? They make the same games over and over for all platforms. <_>

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Its definitely improved on pc this year that much i can confirm. However the graphics and sound have been the same for years because the game engine has reached its peak, it can't give any more.


My bet is once the xbox 720 comes out, the game engine will get a big overhaul and we can expect better graphics, sound and gameplay.

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