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Google's Secret Data Centers


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Google is opening a virtual window into the secretive data centers where an intricate maze of computers process Internet search requests, show YouTube video clips and distribute email for millions of people.


The unprecedented peek is being provided through a new website unveiled Wednesdayexternal-link.png. The site features photos from inside some of the eight data centers that Google Inc. already has running in the U.S., Finland and Belgium. Google is also building data centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Chile.

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They have one in Dallas...its mentioned in the book "Shadow Factory" by James Bamford.


The NSA built its own version in close proximity so that it could pick up on the satelite feed to Googles facility, in the period after 9/11 when the US governments response was to watch and listen in on everyone.

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not to mention reading your text messages from the Hubble telescope ( you didn't believe that deep field BS, did you?)


Not to get off-topic here, but, If you think Hubble is for spying, then you are more misguided than I thought. :facepalm:


My friend works for the Space Telescope Institute, in Baltimore, and they are the ones who control hubble. He, along with his colleagues use hubble for space research, not spying. I've been there myself.


Now if they find life on another planet, then it may remain top-secret until the President gives the OK to release that type of information to the public.


Besides, If hubble were to look at the earth, it would just be a huge blur because it was not designed for close pictures like that. :)

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