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streaming stopped on all servers


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You should always be prepared for when PBBans is under ddos attack (which we are now)

Reading this topic will instruct you on what you should have done a while ago :P



The people who instigate these attacks seem to think that that PBBans is somehow connected to Even Balance, that gives you an idea of how "clever" (insert sarcasm) they are.

All that a ddos attack specifically targeting PBBans does, is to cut off an information source that is available to everyone (cheater and non cheater alike)

No assistance can be given to anyone seeking to appeal a cheat related false positive.

No one gets to know if their ban is global or not, etc etc.


Meanwhile, Even Balance and their PunkBuster™ software keeps trundling on ..... detecting ..... issuing globalguid bans etc etc.

A ddos on PBBans has absolutely no effect what so ever on EB or their PB software.

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If you use the Automated hub setup (Version 1.31+) then you already have these additional ucon profiles.
it says....

i used the hub. i will check the server if the hub lines are there.


the hub only added 1 line... i added the other ones do now it streams....

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