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Report Modified damage cheat (player )


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Caught a cheater on server where I'm admin and banned him for modified damage on guns.


Tryed to report to metabans, but is offline right now. Reported also on battlelog, but we know how they ban cheaters over there... So i'm reporting him here too.


You can see that his stats are very low, but his battlereports are quite high:


**admin edit**

Crotan is quite right ... name and shame is a no no around here.

Especially so if the server is not streaming via PBBans.

You could try here with all you got;



Why not sign up and see if you can be part of a community that is making a difference.


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sorry, no name and shame please
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gotta tell you man, everything you just posed will likely be removed, shame and blame won't fly here. Best bet is compile everything and put it up on MetaBans when they're back up. And local ban them/report thme to the guys who run the server you were on.

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While is may be using a damage modified, PBBans can't do anything until a violation is raised via PunkBuster.

The suspected cheater may be using the damage modifier that comes with the BF3 tweaker crap ... as you are aware PBBans kicks for using the tweaker via an issued MD5 scan, so we can do something about it until EB issue a violation number for it.

The same goes for cheats that are still in the silent logging phase or not been issued violation numbers yet.

PBBans can and does issue bans based on MD5 tool scan evidence.

That's why it is so important to keep on top of the issued MD5 scans for your particular game genre.

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