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help needeed: allowing clan tags

509th Jazz

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Hi all, Im new to using PB.


There is a clan that cant enter our server. They say Punkbuster is kicking for bad name- ASCII - for the chevrons «»



hi 509th Jazz and welcome to our boards :)


take a look in your pbsv.cfg and look for this setting:



PB_SV_ExtChar [0/1]

The default setting of 0 tells PunkBuster to disallow extended ASCII Characters in player names; for the purposes of this command, characters that cannot be easily entered with simple keystrokes are considered extended


so if you want to allow this clan on your server with «» in their clantag ..a setting of pb_sv_extchar 1 should be applied :)

hope this helps ya out

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thanks for the info

I cant find the pbsv.cfg file anywhere on my server. Where would it be located? I found a pbsv.dat pbsv.db and pbsv.dll file in the PB folder, but thats all I found named pbsv

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