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Hello PBBans staff,


First of I want to make sure everybody knows this is not a flaming topic, I am a big fan of PunkBuster and associated corporations. Also I think you need to know that I myself have not been banned for this issue. However looking at a few of my friends that are getting banned there are a few things that I wonder about, and I was hoping you could help me along to find a solution.


Now all the affected players have made tickets and are getting (for the most part) curtious replies (apart from the copied replies and a few staff members that seem to be unwilling to talk about this issue any longer). So I would like to commend you for that. However, their goal is obviously to prove their innocence and get the PBBan lifted. However, to do this they are in need the specs that got them banned in the first place (a little more than just a name and number).


So far all we know is that Even Balance is going over the programming that has led to these bans, but the more time passes the less likely it seems to become that they will find any solution or indication of a false positive. So once this fails I would like to know what their options are. Other then accepting the fact that they have been deemed hackers and in no way get a serious chance to prove their innocence.


The only way I can explain what my problem here is, is by comparing it to something else. So lets compare it to a criminal lawsuit. Somebody is accused of stealing, and the police believe they did it. However that same police department that has investigated the case also functions as the judge in this case. Now they refuse to give full insight into whatever evidence makes them believe the suspect is guilty. How is the suspect supposed to give any show of innocence, other then to make a complaint and be as forthcoming with information as possible.


The comparison seems quite self explainatory to me, where PunkBuster and affiliated organisations are the police/judge and the banned players are the suspects.


I understand this is not a lawsuit, but I hope you can see the point I am trying to make.


So is there any way for them to get insight into the technicall specs; so they can at least attempt to show that these do not match with their computers? (I am not schooled in ICT or posess any specific technicall knowledge, so please forgive me if I am saying something stupid). Or do they just have to accept that they are deemed guilty untill proven otherwise, without the chance to prove otherwise?


I hope I can get a responce that helps us along. And thank you for the work you are all putting in into resolving this issue or helping the players that got banned.


With kind regards,


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This topic matter has been done to death on all sections of our forums.

There is no room for any more, please post in the open, ongoing topics that refer to this violation

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If EB were to openly acknowledge which violation number was raised by which cheat it would only help the cheat developers and customers avoid bans and detections. Much like an anti virus company will never release plain-text signatures or patterns.

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