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Hello, and sorry if its not right place to put a question.

Today when i was playing check my recon profile in battlefield play4free,and saw that i got a suspicius profile stats for pistol m9 59%hsr(91kill). well its very unpleasantly surprise for me.How is that happen. I use pistol only from very close and mostly when enemy didnt see me coming and aim head. Can you tell me what is wrong with that number of kills couse i had deagle too, so it is more powerfull and deadlyer then m9. It can be that i get on my assaault suspicius stats if I use deagle same way like m9. Iam little worried couse i think I play fair with no suspicius helping. Can you explain what is a suspicius stats and do I must fire bad with intent to dont be suspicius.How and can that be removed? And to whom is that suspicius and who acusse me for that? Its a little embarrassingly for me couse I think I always play fair.

Hope someone can help with my worries and I apology if I didnt put question on right place.

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I think you hit the nail in the head with your last statement.


I apology if I didnt put question on right place.


Pbbans doesn't deal in stats, or suspicious stats. It deals in EB violations, MD5 file matches, PBSS submissions, and demo evidence.

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translation: i have an aimbot but i dont want to use it and be obvious. how would i go about using it and stay low profile?



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Hi everyone! I want to setup this PBBans streaming thing and I followed these steps:


Joining PBBans as a Streaming Game Admin can be achieved in 3 easy steps:


and my question is what is step 4 and if I do this steps will be my server be streamed?

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After I set up my server to stream, using the Automated Streaming Setup Tool I should add my server to my account but I can't because my acces denied. It says you must have an account at PBBans to acces this area. I clicked on application page and I made my application. I don't understand if it is done why is my acces denied? Or where can I apply my application or what should I do? Please help! :)

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