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Did anyone ever hear of this new Bitcoin? It sounds cool how it works:








Read an article about it here:




Bitcoin is in high demand right now -- each bitcoin currently sells for more than $90 U.S. dollars -- which bitcoin insiders say is because of world events that have shaken confidence in government-issued currencies.

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+1 i cannot remember the name of the washoffbar ... but i remember when some guy at work who used to try out any shit came up with a 'coins'-adbanner-bar annoyance ... for Netscape Navigator 4.06 :P (1998) - needless to tell the results

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I guess the Bitcoin is making the government scared...




State and federal regulators have launched investigations into virtual currencies like Bitcoin in an attempt to curb any consumer threats and abuses from the decentralized digital currency .


The Senate’s Committee for Homeland Security sent a letter to Secretary Janet Napolitano on Monday urging a probe into the oversight of the flourishing digital-based currency market.


Bitcoin was created in 2009 as an open-source software code, but has grown into a $1 billion industry.


As digital currency continues to gain traction, lawmakers are seeking more clarity on policies and who would regulate the market. But some proponents of the currency say too much government involvement could hinder growth and expansion.

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