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How does a "PBSS" ban work ?


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On the BF3 Banlist there are bans that have "Caught by PBSS" as a viloation / ban reason.

How does this work ?.. are these screens sent manually by admins ? if so, how can i submit a PBSS that shows

an esp hack, similar to the one in this ban for example: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-2c5d7e81-vb296518.html


The PBSS i have is old but the guy it was taken from is still playing and he isnt on the banlist.

Im not a server admin so i have no clue how this works.

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The screenshot must be taken on a streaming server so that the digital fingerprint and various other security checks can be verified at our end of things.

Not every server streams via PBBans.

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thx for aswering fozzer.

So a PB screen From GameTracker is no good ?

All the info guid and server and ip etc. is on the PB screen

isnt that the info you are looking for ? or would it have to be the original ?


i dont think the server is still active, cant find it on gameTracker.

Would there be a way to find out if the server was a streaming server when it existed?

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A screenshot from Gametracker or PBScreens are both fine. Just make sure you submit the original unaltered image. You don't even have to download it anymore, PBBans allows you to supply the link to the image either from gametracker or PBScreens and they'll fetch it for you.


Of course the server needs to have been streaming to PBBans, so that information can be crosschecked. The server IP should be on the PBSS, if it's a really old PBSS I'm not sure that they'll be logs anymore. Or how long PBBans keeps streamed logs from servers for that matter. But it wouldn't hurt to try.

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