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problems with pb on server


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i was trying to get server streaming with "Automated Streaming Setup Tool" and i got this error:


[iNIT] Opening connection ...

[MSG] Connection opened

[MSG] Checking PB version ( pb_sv_ver )

[RESP] Server replied: ˙˙˙˙print

PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.226 | A1302 C1.203) Enabled



[ERROR] Requires PB Server version >= 1.229. Found 1.226



then i was trying to update pb, i used the update button in cpanel. it said that pb is updated to newest version and server restarted. but your tool for installing stream was still tellling its 1.226 version....


so i tried to update pb manualy, i downloaded "pbsecsv.htm" file from evebalance and replaced it with one on server... after that new problems came out, now i cant play on server at all, i am getting kicked


on server is now message *WARNING*: PunkBuster Reports PB Server Running Old Version C1.203


and now i am stuck, i tried to get old file by deleting that new which i uploaded. but old one didnt came back after restarting.. i tried update again via cpanel but file didnt came back :S


also i tried rcon login *** rcon pb_sv_update but it doesnt work ...




what should i do?

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thanks for your support, my server host provider updated pb on all servers. so when i tried to install streaming automatic tool did it without any errors.. but server is still not streaming.


when will my server start streaming?

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Where I have to put http://www.pbbans.com/forums/files/cod-2-linux-file87.html ,these files?

You will put those in your cod2/pb folder. It may have a diff path but end result is in the pb folder. You can run the rcon command pb_sv_homepath to find your pb location.

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