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PB Kicks problem


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When I play on some servers for about 5 minutes,I'm kicked via punkbuster.

The error is says is

Restriction:Corrupted File/Memory [81080]


What can I do to fix this error?


I just did a clean install on ET, did the 2.6 update and tried to play on a server with friends that said they did the same.


I did the PB update, and still nothing.


I disabled the firewall and antivirus, incase that's the problem. Still nothing.


AMD 2.0 GHZ, 1MB Ram, NVidia GEForce 440 SE 64MB, Win XP Home SP2


I appreciate any help you can give.




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after a google search:


I suggest you contact www.evenbalance.com and fill out a support ticket. Give them the violation # and any supporting logs. EvenBalance can tell you what the violation is associated with, but like Bob stated above, to our knowledge that is not a bannable violation. Meaning will not add that violation to our banlist as it is not yet proven to be cheat or anti punkbuster related.

05/27/2005 16:05:09 - "Hendrik Thole"

Note #2: These kicks are when PunkBuster detects a modification of your game exe running in memory. I recommend that you run a virus/malware scan of your computer to see if anything is trying to attach itself to the running program. Also run a memory stress test to see if there is a fault there that could be causing issues. You can find such a program on the following website:



05/27/2005 09:53:18 - "SwS11"

Note #1: Ticket submitted to support staff.

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