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"Monday 06.03.2013 [1:15PM]


We have confirmed that non-cheat software caused some of the kicks for Violation #50120 in Battlefield 2 starting May 27, 2013. We encourage admins to give players the benefit of the doubt and ignore violation number #50120 for kicks occurring on or after May 27."




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I did and filed a ticket with GGC. Hopefully GGC clears the bans. BTW if any you guys use Bit-Defender anitvirus might wanna find another one cause that was the common thing between the people banned or the ones I talked to.

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if it is for violation #50120 bf2 after the 27th of may it will be lifted not if you are lucky Eb have said some were caused by non cheat software so all bans with that violation will be removed.

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