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Where are the WarZ PunkBuster bans listed?


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With the addition of PunkBuster to WarZ, I expected the bans to be listed on the mbi. I have not seen any bans posted on the mbi for WarZ. Are they just not yet implemented or are they not being banned yet?


I also noticed WarZ is not an option on the mbi search. Is this because they are not yet implemented?


Will here be a WarZ forum section created?


Please don't go the route of HammerPoint and sweep questions under the rug and ruin the reputation of PB. I honestly never thought WarZ would actually go through with getting PB setup because of all the bad decisions they have made regarding the game. PB is WarZ's last chance at possibly becoming a respectable game, although that barely has a chance after all the problems. PB in WarZ is the best thing that WarZ has done lately.

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we are not Even Balance the developers of PunkBuster.


PBBans does not support every game that uses PunkBuster


PBBans MBi only lists bans triggered on servers streaming to PBBans.


PB being used with WarZ was only announced 3 days ago.


i am sure Senior Staff are investigating the topic


if and when PBBans starts supporting WarZ, there will definitely be a public announcement.

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Cheat coders have to deal with me now ;)

OK Nick, Maybe you will know....

Will there be somewhere that the bans that PunkBuster does will be shows like the FairFight bans are publicized?

It would be great to see what bans are being done by PunkBuster.

In case you didn't know, WarZ has a twitter account that posts the FairFight bans here...


These bans are not truely only done because of FairFight and are also done by admins that seem to have to much power as we have proven. Seeing the PunkBuster bans with the reasons that are displayed or something like that would be great.

Any information would be great. Thanks guys.

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At this time i do not know if any of the kick / ban that we do are going to be posted. Maybe you should post something on the playwarz site.

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I'm sorry Nick, but I have to laugh at that. Many have been posting about it on the WarZ forums and when, no, IF they ever respond they never give any full information. Then later they tell you something completely different. Being PunkBuster, I thought there might be a posting of the bans from PunkBuster.


Now on another note that has been brought up, have PB bans already started? There are rumors that they have not and will start Monday.

Can you give any information on that to confirm anything?

Thanks again for all the information.

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PB has been live from day one,

So Nick, a followup question if you will.

Since PB has been going since day one, can you give us numbers of how many have been banned?

Any type of break down on the numbers for the first week compared to the last week?

Thanks again man

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