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CoD:UO master server


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Does anybody know whats happening with the master server for CoD:Uo as it's been down since saturday and we're losing players who cant populate the server lists.


is it just down or have activision just turned it off ..forever?

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Activision may have shut it down because it is an old game.


Thats a bit strange though, right? The game is still being sold, and you buy the support and capability to play online as well.

Alternatively, Activision could give away the responsibility of the main server to a third party. Preferably to a CODUO clan with the will and financial means to run the main server.

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appears the CoD master server is down as well


really not unusual for them to be down 2 - 10 days. happens at least twice a year


happened all the time when cod/1/uo/2/4 was not discontinued ... so there is hope yet.

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