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Unofficial MBi Ban


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PBBans offers 2 types of streaming to server admins, full and lite.

Lite streamers are server admins who do not meet the mandatory streaming requirements required for full streaming but who want to protect their servers from cheaters as much as they can.

Then they can work on attaining full streaming status while enjoying a modicum of protection whilst they do so.


Your pbguid raised a cheat violation via PunkBuster™ software.

You are very lucky that your PunkBuster™ cheat violation was raised on a Lite streaming server and your pbguid appears on the "unofficial master ban index" as opposed to a full streaming server and your pbguid appearing on the official master ban index.

Here is your raised cheat violation.

[PBBans:7278 2012-08-31] 0b56e8c83a92b51b57aacd9259338b59 "archillesarcher" "60.242.*.*" "AIMBOT 50643"


Enforcing the unofficial master ban index (UMBI) is an entirely "opt in" process, and server admins have to physically check a box agreeing to enforce bans that appear on the UMBI

If you find yourself on the wrong end of a UMBI ban, you could try appealing to the server admin that runs the server your banned from to not support the UMBI.

Alternatively you could carry on doing what you have been doing for the last 10 months since your pbguid raised a cheat violation.

Not every server streams via PBBans, and of the servers that do stream, not evey server admin enforces the UMBI.

Then there is the ultimate solution, create a new Origin account / purchase a new game / start again from scratch and do not use cheats :rolleyes:

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