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What happened to the Master Ban Index (MBI) for CoD2?


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Used to be 9 on there... Now just one? Any info as to why the decrease in bans that the community should be aware of?

the 31 character guid's were removed because the guid's change with every linux server you enter rendering all catches with a 31 character guid useless.

The PBBans parser is now set to automatically reject 31 character guid's.


the latest news on when that will be fixed can be found here:


click me


the cvar/md5 scans work perfectly its just the 31 guid's that are the problem caused by some glitch with the IW/Activision master auth server or PB depending on what forum you read.


This problem along with a host of other problems within the game itself will hopefully be fixed in the near future but looking at the track record of IW thus far i would not hold my breath :P


in the meantime cheaters who frequent linux servers have a "get out of jail free card" :(

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