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[DisplayFusion] Website


I saw this program is on Steam for $10 and it adds some nifty options/features for users who are using multiple monitors. I'm considering picking it up for $10....However, I'm slightly concerned with how the program might interact with Windows and in return possibly cause some issues with Punkbuster.


I've already contacted EvenBalance and got a fairly generic response below:



PunkBuster is designed to specifically catch cheat programs running in memory at the time a game is being played. Any process which modifies or manipulates the game may, at some point, be considered a cheat.


In general, you should shutdown all unnecessary applications/processes/services on your machine before connecting to a PunkBuster enabled server. This is the best way to insure that nothing on your system is interfering with PunkBuster.


So, I'm not sure how safe I feel running/using this program. Does/Has anybody else use DisplayFusion or have any experience with using it and PunkBuster?


I realize there is always the possibility it will conflict/cause issues. Just putting feelers out there.

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