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BC2 hacks


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what is happening in bc2? alot of hacks playing.


I have a question!


why 90% of all bans are players with kd below 0.99? where is the bans of players over kd 2, 3 4, 10, 100?


I do not believe on pb!


to me pb is just to free hacks...mafia.

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we are not Even Balance, the developers of PunkBuster


have you tried playing on servers not running PB? you will never get spawned ;)


most people cheat because they are so bad at the game they cannot keep up to mediocre standards


high KDR =/= cheat


try playing on servers that actually stream to us http://www.pbbans.com/msi-server-list-bfbc2-36.html


you did not meet streaming requirements when you applied in 2011. now we have lite streaming, at least you would have basic coverage from PBBansHub http://www.pbbans.com/forums/pbbans-lite-streaming-now-available-t161764.html/

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hsmagnet, there is not cheats on servers with pb off, the hacks are just in server with pb on!


I played america army 1, cod1 and all, bf since 2004! I played doom, wolf...20 years playing TDM! im old school of old school! hehe



believe me, the pb is only to free hacks!


when i see a list (MIB) with 10 players with KD 3, 4 or 10 in the same page, i change my opinion.


BF4 without PB and there is not cheats playing, Just a spectator mode and a good admin! only it without PB.


you can close the thread

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