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Even balance ban on GUID - What do you think of this?


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so my friends and I play clanbase ladder for fun and yesterday we got into a small pickle.


We have a server which streams here and to GGC. The game was set and everyone was connecting. Now, the opponent side players started popping off immediately they connected as you can see the link below. The last picture there shows that the player with GUID 72824b38 is globally banned by Even balance but cannot be seen either on the Pbbans list or the one in GGC.


My nick is: castiiiii



They actually claim that I have managed to break the server somehow, but is just gibberish.

My question to you is: Is the Even Balance global ban just as valid as the ones in the Pbbans masterban list?

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Global Bans have nothing to do with PBBans or GGC. Only evenbalance can help by this problem. Your Friend need to type a Ticket to Punkbuster ( evenbalance ) for this problem.


Look here







Thanks for the reply. This is a major problem, because he sure isn't alone on the global banlist and me as a server admin can't do much about it. He got kicked because of GGC so I might have to be in touch with them if we don't find a solution to that particular match.

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Even Balance is no longer contracted to support COD1, COD:UO, and COD2. None of these games appears in the list of officially supported PunkBuster games here:



72824b38 looks like it is derived from a leaked cd key, it has been used by players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, The Netherlands, Croatia and Slovenia.

It may well have been globally banned by EB in the past, but there is no way of checking now.

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Thanks for the comments. Somehow they managed to wipe off that GUID from the global banlist yesterday.

They did not manage to do anything :)

The cached data time period ran out and because COD2 is no longer supported by EB the global ban checker we use does not work for COD2 any more, it just sticks in processing mode and does not reach the part of the process that tells you if a pbguid is clean or globally banned phase.

global ban check.png


Here's what it does when you check a pbguid from a supported game (BF3)

global ban checker.png

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Thanks. So if I have understood correctly this result in a contradiction because the GGC kicks automatically EB's globally banned GUIDS even though the global banlist can't be used as a valid proof of cheating anymore. I believe in this case Clanbase decides the definition of valid.

That is also why the opponent is so pissed off, but there has been a reason of banning it in the first place in the past.


Hopefully we won't run into trouble like this anymore.

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