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accused for hacking - with proof...


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Hi All


Am happy to be here... I have a problem though. How can I distinguish a fake from a real pb ss?




its me allright.. i have only played with [HW]missdiddy- i can see that in the battle report...but the other names are not in the battle report.


I know I have never cheated or used hacks or whatever...


Thanks a lot

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Is the screenshot that you posted meant to be the real screenshot? If so it is not an original and it has not been saved as an original therefore it could have been tampered with plus it will never be passed up as a valid screenshot. However your squad member has no health bar so in my eyes it cannot be a cheat screenshot. Who sent you this screenie as evidence?


Edit: Ask for the original and if you get it then post it here. It's the only way a screenshot would ever really properly be reviewed.

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Is the server in question streaming here?


The only proper way to verify a ss is to check the MD5 hash of the screenshot with the punkbuster logs (if the server admin was streaming they would have the logs)


Edit: It doesn't appear the server in question is streaming. unless you have access to the server there is no way to verify the screenshots authenticity.

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