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Cross Game Ban Indicator?


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At the moment, I can't see anything that easily reveals whether a player has a cross game ban. I'm talking specifically in regards to PB_GUIDs within games; BF3, BF4 and MoH:W.


Ideally I'd like for the MPi/MBi to notify me that the player I'm viewing has a cross game ban.


I know technically Linked GUIDs could be used to confirm cross game bans, but that method isn't always reliable. Whereas the cross game ban will be. So I'd like to see that separately notified to the end user.



d20caa9bc1273967e6e08443dd7e1f7e (BF3 Ban - BF4 shows up in Linked GUIDs)

69a73dbda01b2e8f7ae0a1f2c45ae016 (BF3 Ban - BF4 doesn't show up in Linked GUIDs)




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There is this option to search across all games at once. http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-search.html


Maybe even a link to a bf3 guid from bf4 (mpi) since technically they are the same guid. Links based upon cross games (ea only)

I've already asked something along that line of though and was told that the player has to have played on the same IP to get the GUID to show up in there info.


I do like the idea of look up a player and see the same GUID if banned in another game.


Though It's just as easy to use the top link to look across all games at once instead of the MPi one.



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