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BF4 am streaming, what next?


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Is anyone able to answer me a few basic questions please regarding PBBans on a streaming server 
My BF4 server is streaming and taking PBSS's automatically now, I assume banning takes care of itself for existing banned people, but should I be looking through the PBSS logged on Gametracker to find new hackers and having any dodgy screens submitted to PBBans?
If so, looking through 2500 screens seems a little daunting, is there a quicker way to extract possible hacker PBSS's ?
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Only going to answer the PBSS submit part, your account is only Lite Streaming you will not able to upload PBSS to PBbans.


Best advice is if you are able to get full streaming status then you can submit suspicious PBSS via your team account.


Someone else will be better able to answer the viewing side of the PBSS yeah that's a lot to look through. :(

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It may seem daunting but after a few days of looking your eye will become accustom to catching details in SS. 2500 normally takes about 15-20min depending on pausing for extra attention to some questionable SS. It may not be the fastest but its the best way (having a human view SS/there is a quicker way just not a fan). It also helps some become better admins knowing how to catch what cheaters see.

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I have been checking screenShots since BF2 days,  ugg. You get good at seeing abnormal ScreenShots, well some. Dont know of anything that is 100% like your own eyes.

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