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My key banned by pbbans 2008


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i bought new key and when i join pb server  i banned.i searched my guid from ggc bans ,my guid banned at 2008 and i dont know him he is from hungary.i appeal for this key from this site but appeal didnt accepted.

Can anyone help me?

This is my guid : 59ff4e95

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The key has been used from pretty much all over the world. It is "out in the wild", so to say.

Whoever "sold" it to you was most likely not the owner of the key either, but rather found it on the internet. You were ripped off.


This ban is completely valid and will never be lifted for any reason whatsoever. If you wish to play, you will need to either find servers that do not use our banlist or buy the game new from a reputable store.

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But it's not your key is it :doh:

A pbguid is a 32 hexadecimal derivative of your game cd key.

The pbguid you are claiming is yours (ada061b82260edee9da2058659ff4e95) was first seen on a PBBans streaming server back on March 02, 2008 and the player using it was based in Hungary.

The player was caught via a routine, PBBans issued MD5 scan;

->PBSV: MD5Tool ["Hack.dll" SZ77824 AT4096 LEN32 DE992B3594851B37C8F93B2793785595] from (slot# 7) Black Angel hun


This type of violation is a "no brainer" for us when reviewing any subsequent appeal because the detection comes complete with a digital fingerprint ( DE992B3594851B37C8F93B2793785595 ) which happens to be an exact match for a cheat that we have in our database.

The pbguid was first seen in 2008 and has been used in Hungary /Serbia / UK / USA / Turkey / Ireland / Bosnia & Hergozavina / Spain / The Netherlands / Colombia / Venezuela / Argentina  and Chile.


The ban was appealed by you on February 05, 20014 and was denied for reasons as stated above.


The only reason you do not have a restricted forum account is because the player who raised the ban was not you.

My advice would be to buy a new game from a recognized retail outlet and move on.

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