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The complaint to cheaters programs


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Hello everyone, I do not know English, I write through the translator. I am sorry . . .  I have such question - where it is possible to complain of a site developing and selling cheaters programs for Battlefield 4 ?, I have studied this site and have come to conclusion that programs very professional, al who uses rank 110 them have received, and have not blocked. How to help developers Battlefield 4 to find protection against these cheaters programs ? Has written at a Russian-speaking forum Battlefield 4 about this site, as a result of me have blocked at a forum for one month. And I wished to help  . . .

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I congratulate!!! but I not it . . . I have at a rank 72. Business  in other, they have earned this rank I use cheaters programs, and them blocked nobody for all time. pbbans  does not see infringements.

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PBBans is a privately run, third party anti cheat site.

The creators and maintainers of  PunkBuster™ software are Even Balance.

PBBans is not affiliated, or part of Even Balance.

If you have concerns re a particular website, or if you have actual cheats that you think are undetected, mail your evidence to [email protected] we also appreciate any information that players would like to share with us via this link;


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