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Fake guid


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I have been away for a long while; but now i currently admin a dozen servers although the servers are not streaming pb i use pb bans to look up suspicious players to see if they have a history.


I can't remember if when i look up a guid and it comes back no results found if that means the guid is fake or they have just never, ever played on a pb server...

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Only admins that fully support the anti cheat cause by actively streaming a server get full use of the PBBans MPI.

You can not look up most players because you don't stream a server, and depending on your guidrelax setting there could be a multitude of "fake" players using your servers.

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That i understand. Server population is decreased with streaming pb...


However, i am still allowed to look up guid's which does come back with players in the mbi.But i am just confused as to what "no results found" actually means. That's why i ask if that is either because its mostly fake or they have never played on a pb server. 


We have a b3 plugin that kicks for no guids. Fake ones not so much. 

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You are not able to see results from players that do not appear on the MBI, the only players you can view are those that have a ban attributed to their pbguid..

Whats your guidrelax setting set to ?

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It means they haven't been seen on a streaming server. Playing information is gathered from servers that stream, not just those that have PB enabled. You are doing a disservice to yourself and your own efforts by not streaming.



If the player population declines from streaming you'll be able to check the kick/ban logs and see why, and for good reason why a player is kicked. (Enforced ban)


You should stream your server ASAP, especially for a game such as cod4 which had one of the largest MBi records...

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Sorry for late reply, but thanks for the answer. Unfortunately the decision to stream isn't up to me although personally would love to. I guess people would rather have a populated server most of the time then not. I will be bringing it up in our next monthly meeting. 


I am not sure what the guidrelax settings are currently. We do kick for absent guid's and i regularly check for ones with funny characters. We have another b3 option, but i cannot remember what it is at this point. Like i said i won't be able to for some time being out of town. 



I do thank you for your replies. They have been helpful. 

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The reason I asked;


 At the moment random keygen users can join a lot of cod4 servers with no problem what so ever because they have not set a task to force the GuidRelax setting to 0.

COD4 forces the pb_sv_guidrelax setting to 7 on each map_rotate or server restart, the only way to 'fix' it, is with a PB task that constantly reassigns it to 0.

pb_sv_task 60 240 pb_sv_guidrelax 0

 2 = Kick for UNKN guid and DUPLICATE GUIDs
 3 = Kick for DUPLICATE GUIDs.
 4 = Kick for UNKN guid and WRONGIP GUIDs
 5 = Kick for WRONGIP GUIDs .
 6 = Kick for UNKN guid
pb_sv_GUIDRelax 0 is the default guidrelax setting.         

Its also worthwhile putting this into your pbsv.cfg
pb_sv_NoGuidGrace 10     [0-300](default=1) Holds the number of seconds PB will wait before kicking players who join without having a PB GUID.
Refusing to enter a CDKey into the game causes the "no guid" condition.
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