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Not shure what to do!


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I was on a AAO server and got a screen shot of someone admitting they where hacking. at the time he was 20+ kills to 1 death.


I dont know how to report him. All I have is his ingame name and the server info he was on.


-Trunks.2B^ptwars- is his in game name.


leF][.Italian Elete Force.]--|DIA is the server he was on.


The admin that was on leF][#a!eX.] saw his post admitting he was hacking and said he could stay. When I theatened to come here he booted him. Trunks came back and Alex would not rekick him.


I am attaching the SS that shows him admintting to hacking but beyond that not shure what to do.


I am an admin for my clan but have never ran accross this clear cut case of hacking and then admitting it.



{{HyFu}} Admin


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