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Origin Sale Until 4/23


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Battlefield 4™ and Premium Membership Bundle
PC Download


Haha I only paid $105.00 for the same thing around launch time of BF4, considering other places are selling the lot now  for around $75.00 to $80.00. There's some nights I wish I hadn't but I have a love hate relationship with BF4.


If you know what other places sell the games for and do the research first you might find something on there for cheap. :bigthink:

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It says $72.98 for the BF4 + Premium Membership bundle for me. :blink:



Origin price gouging as usual, the exchange rate is $1.00 US to my $1.07 AU yeah slight difference. :(


I even logged in to see if it helped, nope still $102.18. #@&$%

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Even with the Australian Dollar being at $1.07 compared to the U.S. $1.00, you should only be paying $78.07. :wacko:



Thats always happened,even Steam rob us blind over here.

When the Aussie $ was worth $1.10 US we where still paying twice as much for games

{just checked, Black Ops and Blops2 are both still $89.99 ,christ on a bike, even World at War is $39.99 and being Quoted US$ purchase prices}

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