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Need some questions answered about COD4 Servers


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Okay so I'm not going to make this is a HUGE thread because I just want to get to the point.

I have just purchased a Call of Duty: 4 server and I have it currently working with Promod Live 2.19 EU.

However I still have some questions that need to be answered fast, thank you if your even able to answer one.


1. How do I get my website URL link in the corner of the screen like 99.9% of other promod server do?

2. How can I upload custom camouflages for guns to my server so they have my server name on the side? (I know how to skin)

3. How would one go about editing the loading screen when people join the server/switch map?

4. How can I upload my own config to the server? (where the kill feed names are coloured)

5. Am I able to upload a movie config to the server? If so, how? (to make it look amazing)  :P


As I said before I will be happy even if you are able to help with one! Thank you <3

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