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Hello all,

Hello Fozzer,


Server IP :

Server Port : 27960

Game : Enemy Territory

ClanTag : N|A

Co-Admin : N|A


No clantag since it's a public server running for an association of free servers.


Thanks for your work guys !

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PBBans Repository Server Search

Not Found Server is not in the MSI Rep List


PBBans Hub Server Search

Server Status: Server is not streaming via Hub

Server Info

Clan Tag: servergamers

Server IP:


not streaming at the moment .. can you recheck your settings please :)


btw nice to see you here :D

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Hey fozzer !


You see I'm not a liar ;)


So i've checked the settings and do not really understand why it doesn't work since pb_sv_uconlist shows :


PunkBuster Client: [slot] [Type] [Mask] [Name]

PunkBuster Client: 1 1 pbbans

PunkBuster Client: End of PB UCON Profile List (1 Entry)


But you know, ftp of SG is such a mess ! I think I've never really understand how argynici install the two servers of ET in many directories !


If the server do not stream in the following hours, is it possible that you give me a little more help by MP ?


Thanks a lot for you patience !

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Okay, thanks.


In the name of Servergamers, I should say that we are proud to join you :)

sorry for my lack of patience m8 - your forum upgrade gives you access to the private section of the forum with some useful pinned topics for you to read :)


welcome aboard

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