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/rcon pb_sv_banlist


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everytime i do the /pb_sv_banlist command i get different results sometime by more than 100.


i'm streaming via the hub and as far i can tell have everything working as it should......can anyone explain that ??

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you can always do something similar like /rcon pb_sv_banlist partialguidhere or text and that will search thru the banlist for something specific.. i.e.


/rcon pb_sv_banlist a22bh4afg will show any guids with that combination in it. or /rcon pb_sv_banlist mutltihack


that will show all the multihacks etc..


unfortunatly rcon uses UDP protocol to send the data to your computer and there is a limit on how much data it sends out to you at any single time. so if your banlist is large it wont output the entire list.

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