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I have confermation from both evenbalance and Origin support that my account was hacked while i was on buissnise trip, and my bans was inapropriot, still they denie to lift my ban. i think they are getting payed to ban innocent ppl and force them to buy a new game.

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Bear in mind that it is the player who is ultimately responsible for the security of his pbguid/Origin account, the only thing we can offer to players in your situation is advice.

We never remove valid bans from our ban list and there is absolutely no doubt that pbguid 1377a9fe0a8c86512a579f4d4667fb6e was used to cheat with

First and foremost you have to make sure that you have a secure Origin account.
The best way to do that is to use a fresh email address,create a new Origin account and start again from scratch.

1. Use a strong password that is unique to Origin and not used on any other forum/blog etc

2. Do not allow windows to remember your usernames and passwords.

3. Do not click links you are unsure of (especially game and/or cheat related)

4. Do a full system scan for malware.

5. If you think EA is somehow culpable for allowing someone else to access your Origin account, ask them to provide you with a new game key.

6. If you think you are somehow culpable for allowing someone other than yourself to access your Origin account, buy a new game key.

7. pbguid 1377a9fe0a8c86512a579f4d4667fb6e has been compromised and the only fix is to get a new game cd key.


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Origin offers two-factor authentication now. I suggest you enable it.

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