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just for information


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Just so you guys are aware i am planning on taking pb to court


having been banned after a relative hacked my pc login and used my pc to play cod 2 online and cheated too


i got banned from pb..

after filling in a trouble ticket in which i offered evidence to support my innocence and details of action i have taken to prevent any further occurences i was banned from all pb servers..


pb's take on this is i am responsible for my guid...


however i can prove i was not the person cheating and i am informed by a solicitor that pb are possibly violating my legal rights as well as slandering my good character by banning my unique guid and that in this process i mayhave suffered a loss of good name due to this action. (i wonder if the same applies here with the ban list you guys circulate...???)


i will now be instructing a solicitor to procede with legal action as i feel very agreived that some nameles guy can decide who is banned and who is not based on a screen shot despite being offered evidence that directly contradicts his decision.


i suppose i am lucky in that i have the financial means to pursue this to the bitter end on principal but i do feel if this can happen in my case it almost certainly will happen in others


i am a 45 year old father who is only just capable of playing a game online never mind understanding how to cheat online...those guys at pb need a reality check..you cant go around taking action on people without proper procedure and good evidence..neither can you sully someones good name or character without suffering the consequences.


regards to all H

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Thank you hooligan...i understand that...but doesnt this also pertain to the master ban list this group circulates...?? as i stated in my post title this is for information



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Have a fun. But first of all read PB's EULA.


reserves the right to terminate the license at any time and for any reason, or

no reason at all, and without notice to licensee.


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It doesn't matter if it wasn't you and if you have proof that it wasn't you. The FACT of the matter is the guid was used to cheat and subsequently banned end of story. PB only bans guid's and yes you are responsible for your guid. If want to take someone to court maybe you should take your "relative" for hacking your pc.

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