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A way to log /guids?


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Im just wondering is there a way to log connected players /guids "ETPRO GUIDS" on connect or something.


Reason why i ask, most people use yawn.be to look up an offending players GUIDS to see if they have other aliases or are a competition player.


But this only works if that person was yawned whilst on a server....so i notice you log PB GUId...is there a way to implement logging of ET PRO GUIDS onto the player index/HUB etc...or is it not possible since the ETPROGUIDS are logged in server.log which is a huge file and would take a lot of parsing etc ???

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Oh dont get me wrong, i know etpro guids are unreliable..but just seemed more pernament but then i remembered about spoofing :P


But i suppose with the Master Player Index (MPI) you can search by Ip alias and pb guids so it wouldnt make a difference :P

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