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Server shows not streaming


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Good morning,


This morning i uploaded pbsv.cfg from your website and put it on the server in pb folder. After this a server restart.

The ucon file was allready there, i did not upload it.





When i check the server it shows its not streaming and never streamed.


What am i doing wrong?





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Your team account currently looks like this;

Team: Thunderteam ([TT]_F.i.K)
Account ID: 15770
Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 2)

Server List
AAPG - (Streaming)


Make sure that you have all 3 ucon profiles in your pbsv.cfg;


pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub2-1 pbbanshub
pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub2-2 pbbanshub
pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub2-3 pbbanshub


All 3 are added automatically when the automated Hub set up tool is used, but only the first one is present in the pbsv.cfg available for download.

The reason for the 3 ucon profiles is so we can switch IPs when an issue is prevalent, especially handy right now as we have been under constant ddos attack for the last couple of weeks (and still ongoing)

The reason we do not have all 3 ucon profiles in the manual download pbsv.cfg is to make it just a little bit harder for potential and actual attackers to access our streaming IPs.


Also please be aware that when you add a server to a team account via account manager the server then enters a queue ... the final addition is always done by a staff member in case of any obvious issues, so once added there will be a short delay between adding and streaming.

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