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How to authorize key codes?


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Sorry if I am asking a weird question, because I am not a server admin

I just want to prevent cheaters from coming to my friend's server

Is it possible to permit some certain key codes to enter the server, and block everyone else?

Thanks in advance

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Private password is not effective

If we find out one of people is a cheater then we have to change the password!
And announce the password for people again
On the other hand the cheater can ask the password from other people

But if we block his key code, no one will give him a new key code!
Also it is not necessary to change the server password

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Well, if he/she has a cd-key and plays on a PB enabled server, then they will be given a unique PB GUID.


You can then manually add the PB GUID to your ban list so he/she does not join.

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As a matter of fact we want to turn off PB as it seems useless

We want to use killcam to find the cheaters

Every new players must register in our forum

On registration we will give them a working Key Code from Keygen not original!

Then we allow that new Key Code for playing in our server

Other players can report cheating for a player

If number of cheat reports reach ten times we will ban that player forever from our forum and remove his Key Code from entering the server

If he wants to register in our forum again and get a new Key Code we will identify him from his IP range and prevent it

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one problem i see now is, i can take and change my ip range and play get banned and then go back to my original ip and then be able to play again.


baning by ip is not the way to go especially if someone wants to get anyone banned they will just use a vpn and what not.

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