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07.21.2006 14:33:28] VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: ^7|^<NG^7| ^<H^7ard^<A^7ss (slot #3) MD5Tool Mismatch: sof2mp.exe (len=2048) [2d6a98119cd812a2bced4cff878d94a4(-)]



WAHT DOES this mean he unistalled sof2 and installed it again but its still the same

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3 possible scenario. You got to understand, this file is a stock file and is scaned for changes. First scenario, you have a no cd crack insted of the real .exe meaning the sof2mp.exe file is changed from the original. For sof2, i know everytime there was a patch, server admin had to modify the check to check for the new updated file. Scenario 2, well, you didnt updated your game, have the old file and pb scans for the new one, cant find it, a kick is issue. Scenarion 3,the server check is out of date(improbable since its been 2 - 3 years without any patch and all md5 scan are up to date).


In any case,only a kick is issue, no ban.My suggestion, uninstall, delete remaining folder, reinstall, patch it with the gold patch and voila, should work.

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hey maniak :rolleyes: , hey dental

im the player with that problem. ;)

so first is i re installed everything new means i deletet all the files

after that i used nerofix 3.0 and in the readme it says u should not update before installing nerofix so i didnt updatet maybe this is the cause

so after a day it kicked me again for the same reason now what can i do :unsure:

cause i need nerofix i use the german version of the game and it sucks without violence :P

dunno now wld b nice when u can help me ty

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