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Need Help.


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All my friends and me play on this server... the info is below:


Server Name: >Fx~Rifle&Toujane! [www.fx-esports.de]



The Players Name Is Usualy }Chen-Suey{ But comes in with others.


We have recorded a few videos but we cant do much more, hes starting to pee everyone off and i just wondered if you guys could help me. The Admins are never in and we dont have rcon. If there isnt no probs! :)



-=RcK=- Rocky B)

Edited by Rocky.
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Theres not much we can do.The server would have to be doing the following


1.PB Enabled

2.Streaming to a Rep



Since the server does not stream to us.We cannot accept screenshots or demos.If the admin would like to get his server streaming then please notify him to come here and we will set him up.Otherwise your just gonna have to rely on pb itself to eventually catch him

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Ye Will Do M8 LoL... Ty For The Help, My Mate might be getting a server for his clan so ill play on there a lot and probably get rcon for that. Will Stream It To Here To Make Sure Them Cheating Bu**ers Dont Get Away.


Cheers -=RcK=- Rocky


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