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Unofficial Ban?


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Violations from Lite Streaming Admins are put on the "unofficial" Master Ban Index (short UMBi), you need to be a Full Streaming Admin in order for your bans to be put on the official Master Ban Index.


No need to worry though, its technically two different Banlists, but many Full Streaming Admins are enforcing UMBi bans as well :) 

Its just a security precaution to keep the most possible integrity on the official MBi as requirements for Lite Streaming aren't as strict as those for Full Streaming.

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hmm.... but  fullstreaming admin, i dont have a website, i dont have a roast of my team etc....

That's why your a Lite streaming admin :P

As mentioned earlier, we do our utmost to maintain ban list integrity and that includes every full streaming admin meeting the requirements required for full streaming.

The requirements were put in place after some hard learned lessons 7 years ago and there are no exceptions.

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