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Im New Here


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Just stopped by i have seen your site posted a few times on other various sites, very impressed with the site and the way you handle the posts and questions.


Our clan will be streaming with you guys soon.


I have been on other sites and they have not been helpful at all not naming names but I have been browsing the forums here and you seem like you have your shit together and very helpful.


You will probably be seeing alot more of me :)


My only question is what makes your site different than the other site Punksbusted.


Thanks for your time and your replies.



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There are some who would launch into a rant re other anti cheat sites :P but to look at things in a more objective fashion Iwould say the main difference between the 2 sites is the policy on cvars - PBBans actually bans for

hack related cvars , I have yet to see a plausible excuse as to why a player would have something like vinneh_autofire in their cfg :) pb is quite a competent anti cheat solution but it needs that little extra help to make it a great anti cheat solution - we strive to provide that help by collecting and dissecting hacks (both public and private) for cvars/md5 scans - this information is then made available to our streaming admins via the MCI (Master Config Index) - all streamed information is untouched by human hand and gives every ban that makes it onto the MBI (Master Ban Index) cast iron proof to back it up.


As always, Pbbans does not force anyone to use our MCI or MBI its entirely up to the guys and gals that fork out their hard earned cash to provide game servers - having said that, on a personal level i think if we can give PB a helping hand in any way possible,then thats exactly what we should do.


over the last couple of months the servers streaming to the PBBans repository increased 3 fold so we must be doing something right :) - take a look around and hopefully we will see more of ya on here

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PBBans is a good choice. ;)


The "other" site, well.........no comment. Only had bad experience with them.


The PBBans Motto says it all. This is the place to be.

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Yes I have been through your forums and the way you handle questions and interact with everyone here is alot more maturer than cough cough other sites.


The other leader of my clan NitroneonRT set up the streams for our 3 cod2 servers today :)


we are glad to be with you all.



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True, I'm not saying they aren't doing a good job. It's just how they handle things.


I like the way things are done at PBBans. Two thumbs up!!!

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