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PB support discontinued for Battlefield 2


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Even Balance has dropped support for Battlefield 2. The BF2 section on the EB website has been removed.


Streaming support will continue for the time being.




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I'm very sorry to see BF2 being dropped by PB.  I know of a very concerted and well organized effort to keep BF2 alive, which I am part of.  This group, Battlelog.co, has just released a "Play for Free" (P4F) version of the game.  And we are now getting inindated with questions regarding "joining servers" and "kicked by PunkBuster" from all of our newest BF2 players. 


I know we may be a very smal piece of the pie for PBBans.  But can you possibly give some further advice?


Thanks you so much for what you have done for gaming and what your are doing!




JSLICKMAC  (Jeff McComber)

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