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Auto DEMO-recording


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We just wonder if there is a string for a Automatic start of DEMO-recording when

MAP loads, so you dont forget it. :rolleyes:


We have till now manualy used (bind F4 "vstr demo").

Thanx for any Help!

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in rtcw we used this:


/cg_autoAction Does some things auto, useful for proof etc:

1 - Start a demo at the start of the round

2 - Take a screenshot at the end of the round

4 - Save game stats to a file at the end of the round

3,5,6,7 - Add up the above for multi-function, e.g. "7" will perform 1+2+4.


a quick google search will probably explain it better than i can :)



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In Rocmod you have an option to use matchmode, which is awesome for scrims and whatnot. In your console type /startmatch, and when its over /endmatch. It will autoDemo and take screens at the end, not to mention will keep others from specing and letting the other team know whats goin on.

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Sry to restart this topic. I relize that it may be annoying to reread old posts.


In rocmod, rocmod-noble, noble-pro, and osp (may be several others) you can record a demo or screeenshot at the beginning of each map by:


cg_autodemo 1


That's it. :)


Matchmode will also record a demo by default provided the server cvars are setup to make it do that, as well as a screenshot at the end of a match.


As far as the bind key the console command that's IMO easier to remember is,



to start



to stop


You can auto take a screenshot by:


cg_autoscreenshot 1

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