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MS Admits Win10 Upgrades Went Too Far


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Despite all this, Capossela said in an interview with Windows Weekly that the company didn’t step over the line of being too aggressive in its marketing campaign. But he admitted there was one moment when it went too far.


Back in May, the company was accused of deceiving people into upgrading by deploying “malware-like” methods. Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 (GWX) pop-up had offered users the choices of “Upgrade Now” or “Start Download, Upgrade later,” meaning those who didn’t want the newest OS had to close the pop-up using the standard X in the corner of the box. But the company changed this by introducing a small and easily missed link for rescheduling or changing the upgrade. Following the alteration, anyone who clicked on the corner X was unwittingly giving consent for the upgrade to take place at the scheduled time.


“There was one particular moment ... where the red ‘x’ in the dialog box, which typically means, you know, ‘cancel,’ didn’t mean cancel,” said Capossela. “And within a couple of hours of that hitting the world, with the listening systems we have, we knew that we had gone too far."


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Microsoft gone too?  Never! ;)


I remember that popup as well, had to disable it as it was so annoying.


I'm using Windows 10 now and so far it seems to run much better than Windows 7.  I didn't upgrade to Windows 8 as I believe that was a mess as soon as it was released.

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