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Please Unban me , it have been 5 months


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hello , Please unban me it have been 5 months already . im banned from all servers of BF3/4 .. i only tested a hack out on a bf4 low players amount servers (WBKS Metro Bf4) , i know i shouldnt test it , i regret it now , please help me .. i play since 2013 and i never cheated before (it was only 10 mins when i tested the hack) the ban is now across bf3 too , i never got banned on bf3 before .. its only 1 ban on bf4 .. please unban me i know i was wrong and i fully regret it now, im not going to tell lies like my acc has been hacked or stuff like that .. iam here honest and peaceful... i regret testing out the hack .. please help me it have been 5 months and i cant join any server on both games ,, i will never test hacks again i promise .. and im not rich to buy those games or make new accounts .. this account is all got and i worked hard to collect the games costs to buy it ... please just unban and i willl never test/use hacks again please :(



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openly admiting you tried a hack was the wrong choice to try and appeal. as for your ban, after that stsatement, your hope for appeal is non-existant., I wish you luck.


Only hope would be a whole new game, under a whole new steam/origin account. and get rid of the cheats. they only get you into trouble.


GL though.

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