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7 server ip's inside


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Game: FEAR Multiplayer

Clan Tag: (TTK)

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Humm thats wierd how can it not be properly configured if the server is the same box as all of the other servers. Dont i only have one punkbuster folder
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Ok i redid everything and now they should work only i changed some of the ip's

ok here we go



Game: FEAR Multiaplyer

Clan Tag: (TTK)

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sorry that i couldnt help you anymore.. got banned for spamming a pbbans.com url (LOL)


however in the time being banned and u not being on irc i created a guide for the stuff i was talking u tru :)


F.E.A.R. (Win32) Multiple Dedicated server HowTo (incl hubstreaming to pbbans)


is all ok now?

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