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found this listed in sv_cheat.log


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Just wondering if anyone had any info on this... I have a good friend of mine that got this and I am 100% sure they are not cheating. I am usually very quick to accuse people of cheating and ban them as I hate all cheaters with a passion, but this time I know for a fact they are not cheating.


Any info? this was (PB HACK) #130337 in COD2 Could this be some kind of connection issue?


I dont think it got sent to the MBLs as this was back in july(just seeing it now) but I really need to know if there is any kind of bug that is causing a false report on this.


Thanks for any info you can give.



Senior Rogue Admin

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all #130000s = Attempted PunkBuster Hack.

We have no information from EB staff that this particular violation (#130337) is anything other than a valid catch.


If the player thinks this violation was flagged up in error he can fill out a trouble ticket here click me

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